Audition Date: May 15th 2021

Cost $25.00 register above 

Wear all black tight fitting dance attire. Hair in bun. Bring all dance shoes you own.

Doors open at 10am

10-11am any dancers new to competitive company. You will audition and more than likely have a call back. Callbacks will be posted at 1115am on the door 

1115-1215 ages 5-8 Note: If you turn 9 by jan 1 2022, then please come to the level 3 audition time.  

1215 -115pm Current and callback Level 3-4 ages 9 and up 
Call backs will be posted at 130. Not all dancers will receive a call back. 

130-300pm current and callback level 5-6 ages 9 and up  

315-415pm solos, duets, and trios. Those who have competed for 1 or more years are eligible for a solo/duet/trio. All dancers wanting a solo will receive one. Duet/trio pairs will only be assigned as we see fit. 

Results will be posted on Monday