Dance Team Tryout Clinics

These sessions are held after your school clinic during tryout week. The student comes to us after their tryout clinic for cleaning of their tryout routine, working technique, facials, and judging tips. This clinic is highly successful.  We have had 99% of the students make their school team!

To Register: email  Monies are due on Feb 15th of the tryout year.  Full payment via check is due for group clinics and private clinics.  Please leave a check in ane envelope with your child’s name on it, the school she is trying out for and if you booked a private clinic with a specific teacher, please also write that on the envelope


Due to the high demand of Mrs. Linda she will book up to 3 years out.  To Pre Book your privates clinics for 1-3 years out, there is a non refundable booking fee with Mrs. Linda of $100.00 per year. This will ensure your private time slot.     To pre book your privates with our facutly 1-3 years out, there is a non refundable booking fee of $25.00 per year.   These fees are paid to LDD.  To PRE BOOK  GROUP PRIVATES AND PRIVATE CLINICS – EMAIL US! RULE APPLYS:  ALL PRIVATES AND GROUP PRIVATES GO TO COMPETITIVE COMPANY DANCERS FIRST, THEN OUR REGISTERED CLASS STUDENTS, THEN TO THE PUBLIC. IF you decide not to tryout and have pre booked a private clinic, please email Linda ASAP, we have a waiting list for all group private clinics and private clinics and we need to give that time slot to others.

4 Day Group Clinics

(ie:  Dorians, Star Spangled Girls, Rockettes, Rebelettes, etc)

Monday – Thursday 

Duration: 1.5 hours


$155.00 for registered dancers

            $195.00 for non-registered dancers/cheerleaders

3 Day Group Clinics

(ie:  Mtn Brook 7th grade dance team, Spartanettes)


Duration: 1.5 hours


$130.00 for registered dancers

 $170.00  for non registered dancers


Private Clinics

*most dancers book privates in additional to the group clinic

LDD Faculty Group Private Rate: (limited to 3 per group)


1 HOUR RATE:   $75.00 per dancer


Linda’s Group Private Rates: (limited to 3 per group)

     30 min: $50 per dancer

     1 hour: $100 per dancer


Single Private Clinics


Rates with LDD Faculty:

$75 for 30 min

$110.00 per hour


Rates for Linda:

$100 for 30 minutes

 $135.00 per hour