Linda Dobbins Dance

Linda Dobbins Dance

Competitive Company

Auditions for 2019-2020 Company:

New Company Parent Meeting:  May 13th at 6pm

Showcase: Want to see us perform?! Come see our competitive teams perform at Mountain Brook High School May 11th at 10am.

Auditions: May 18th 10-11am new company auditions, then leave the rest of the day open for call backs to proper level



You will be assigned your teams, solos, duets and trios.   The info will be placed on the web site after auditions.  You will be assigned  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6+  routines.  There is an option to drop a routine if you are assigned to  3, 4, 5, or 6+ . If you do decide to drop a dance, Linda and Anna Marie will decide which dance you can drop.  You will need to tell us by May 20th if you need to drop a team routine.  However, for your dance career or college dance training,  it is advisable for you to compete all routines we have placed you in.  This will greatly advance your dance training and college/career options. 

First payment and all forms are due by May 25th.  No exceptions are to be made on this.  Late fees apply to  payments made after the 25th of each  month.



All dancers in the competitive company will be placed in “levels” according to the level of the classes they are in.  They will be assigned their levels at the time of audition and will be noted on the web site.


Qualifications For Chevrons:

High Silver – First Year with company regardless of level placed. Will remain a High Silver until you meet the requirements for a Gold or Above.

Gold – Must be placed in level 3 classes: ballet, turns & leaps, jazz, and hip hop.

High Gold -Must be placed in level 5 classes: ballet, jazz, turns & leaps, hip hop and beginning pointe.

Platinum – Must be placed in level 6 classes: ballet, jazz, turns & leaps, hip hop and advanced pointe.

You will be given a stripe/chevron per the color of your level and will be sewn on your company jacket to wear at all competition award ceremonies.


Class requirements for company members: 

Level 5/6: 2 Ballet, 1 Pointe, 1 Jazz, 1 hip Hop, 1 Turns and Leaps + Company Rehearsals

Level 3/4: 1  Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Hip Hop, 1 Turns and Leaps + company rehearsals 

Level 1/2:  Mini company class + Company Rehearsals 



Level 1/2/3- must attend 6 summer training sessions

Level  4- must attend 12 summer training sessions

Level 5-must attend 15 summer training sessions

Level 6- must attend 17 *can only take 1 make up private of 1 hour in length 

If you can not attend all of your required classes, then privates can be taken.  1 private = 2 training sessions


Solos, duets and trios:

For those who have competed one year or more, we will select a solo, duet, and/or trio for you.  You will also be assigned a teacher for your weekly private.  You will start your solo, duet and/or trio in August.  Privates can not be taken during one of your  required classes, no exceptions will be made on this matter.