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The Academy at Linda Dobbins Dance is a private, comprehensive performing arts school that combines an individualized education to meet the needs of your child along with a proper dance education. The academic curriculum is offered in a nurturing, value-centered environment where each instructor has a high level of education in their field of expertise as well as a partnership with Laurel Springs utilizing their online program. The Academy is designed for students who are currently working, or desire to work at a professional level in the entertainment business in acting, dancing or vocal performance.

Our students attend The Academy daily and are tutored by a certified teacher in a structured environment. Our academic director will collate grades, keep attendance records, immunization forms and handle all communications with the state board of education.

The curriculum is one of the aspects we find most appealing for our students because of its flexibility.  Curriculum is chosen by our staff so that it is best suited for your child and they will receive individual instruction each day.
Students will complete their academic studies in the mornings and in the afternoon; students will receive their dance, acting and vocal training. Our fine arts goal is to train dancers to be fluent in all genres of dance so that they will be prepared for acceptance into dance major programs at the college of their choice. Our academic goal for each student is to provide a high level of education in order to prepare them for success in college. We encourage our students to obtain dual degrees in performing arts and other related fields such as physical therapy, business, mass-communications, etc.

There are two disciplines of study at The Academy: Commercial Dance and a Ballet Conservatory. Both disciplines involve a high level of dance education and training.  We train our students with an emphasis on college auditions, scholarships and professional careers.  Our students begin actively networking with casting directors, master teachers and educators as well as agents and managers.  We carry our students to Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and Atlanta for additional training and networking.  We have a wonderful success rate with many of our students who can be seen in feature films commercials and television as well as signed with major agents in NY and LA.

To be considered for The Academy you must meet the following criteria
*”A-B” level student in public or private schools
*intermediate-professional level dancer
*Multiple interviews with The Academy staff

Due to the rigorous training in academics as well as dance, there are limited spaces open in The Academy.  It is a very structured and challenging atmosphere in which we produce highly successful academic students as well as dancers who are able to work as a professional dancer through out their elementary – high school years.


The Academy Clear Path Directive


  1. Academic Scouting:

    • Identify specific academic goals and preferred colleges or universities.

    • Research academic programs, faculty, and resources at target institutions.

    • Consider factors such as class sizes, extracurricular opportunities, and campus culture.

    • College private tours

  2. Networking with Academic Chairs and Advisors:

    • Attend college fairs, informational sessions, and events to connect with representatives.

    • Establish relationships with academic chairs and advisors in the chosen field of study.

    • Seek guidance on academic requirements, application processes, and scholarship opportunities.

  3. Dance Networking for Commercial or Conservatory Dance:

    • Explore opportunities to connect with professionals in the dance industry.

    • Attend dance workshops, intensives, and performances to build a network.

    • Private meet and greet with College Dance Programs and Dance Companies around the world

  4. Networking with College Dance Chairs and Coaches:

    • Connect with college dance departments and coaches to understand program offerings.

    • Attend dance clinics and auditions or showcases organized by colleges of interest.

    • Seek feedback on performance and receive guidance on the application process.

  5. Personalized Plan Development:

    • Collaborate with students to identify their unique strengths, interests, and career aspirations.

    • Tailor academic and dance goals to align with individual preferences and strengths.

    • Create a timeline for application deadlines, auditions, and academic preparations.

    • Work toward academic scholarships

By combining academic and dance-related networking, you provide students with a holistic approach to achieving their goals. Encouraging early planning and personalized guidance can significantly enhance their chances of success in both academic and dance pursuits. Additionally, regularly reassess and adjust the plan as needed to accommodate any changes in the student's goals or circumstances.

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