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Congratulations to our New 2023-2024 Competitive Company! We are excited for an amazing year!

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Book Your Competition Hair & Make up Session

Read instructions on the booking confirmation email so you know how to arrive prepared.

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In classes, company dancers can receive stars from their teachers when their teacher feels they have gone above and beyond in their training. Whether that be that they learned a new skill, encouraged a teammate, mentored a fellow dancer etc.

At the end of the month the dancer with the most stars wins Dancer of the Month!


The DOMinator is a competitive dancer that has won Dancer of the Month 3 times. Then they will receive a special top monogrammed dance top to wear to all practices!

They will also be invited to participate in a special DOMinator performance at Showcase!

LDD Dominators:

Lily kate Sobera, Karlee Rye, Greer Thompson, Lula Comer, Alyssa Manning, 


At the end of every dance season we choose a Competitive Company dancer of the year and Academy dancer of the year. 

To become dance of the year, you must have outstanding attendance records, shown leadership qualities, and most improved in technique.

2021-2022 Dancer's of the Year

Competitive Company: Greer Thompson

Academy: Harper Grace Arriagada


This is the top honor at LDD. Protege must meet a certain list of requirements (listed on our faculty page) to be awarded. You will also receive a special monogrammed pink top to wear to all LDD functions. Once you serve one year as protege following year you will received a scholarship by LDD for your classes and you are eligible to be considered for a Teacher Assistant (TA) position. (refer to TA column for more info)


Karlee Rye


This is a paid teaching assistant position at Linda Dobbins Dance to be apart of our award winning Faculty. You will be assigned classes/teams to assist throughout the following dance year and given leadership roles and tasks throughout the dance year. You will also receive a scholarship for all your LDD dance classes (company fees excluded). 


Must have served as a Protege for one year. During your protege year you must score Platinum top 3 at the same competition in the senior elite division. Teacher Recommendations. A/B honor roll. Great attendance records. 

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Useful Information


You will be assigned your teams, solos, duets and trios.  The info will be placed on the web site after auditions.  You will be assigned to the max number of routines LDD can place you in per your age and level.  There is an option to drop a routine(s) after you audition so you can make your perfect schedule and budget.   If you are training for your dance career or college dance training,  it is advisable for you to compete all routines we have placed you in.  This will greatly advance your dance training and college/career options.

First payment and all forms are due by May 25th.  No exceptions are to be made on this.  Late fees apply to  payments made after the 25th of each month. This is a full year commitment. No Exceptions.


All dancers in the competitive company will be placed in a level 1-6.  They will be assigned their levels at the time of audition and will be noted on the website.


Qualifications For LDD Competitive Sweatshirts:
Black – Mini Company
Charcoal – Must be placed in level 3 classes: ballet, turns & leaps, jazz, and hip hop.
White -Must be placed in level 4 classes: ballet, jazz, turns & leaps, hip hop.
Royal – Must be placed in level 5 classes: ballet, jazz, turns & leaps, hip hop and  beginner/int pointe.
Light Blue – Must be placed in level 6 classes: ballet, jazz, turns & leaps, hip hop  and advanced pointe.
You will be given your sweatshirt per your level and will be worn to all competition award ceremonies.


Class requirements for company members August-May: 
Level 5/6: 2 Ballet, 1 Pointe (if eligible), 1 Jazz, 1 hip Hop/Turns and Leaps + Company Rehearsals
Level 3/4: 1  Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Hip Hop, 1 Turns and Leaps + Company Rehearsals
Level 1/2:  Mini company class + Company Rehearsals


Your attendance reflects the teams you are placed on.  If you miss a lot of  classes, then you could forfeit moving up levels and could be dismissed from company.  All fees would still be due per the agreement. 

If you miss a class and would like to make it up, please email Anna Marie to set it up. There are no make ups for missed team rehearsals. 

You are only allowed to miss 6 rehearsals (per team) during the dance year.

If you need to miss a class or rehearsal due to illness or injury, please provide a doctors excuse.  DO NOT COME TO THE STUDIO IF YOU FEEL SICK AND/OR HAVE A FEVER.


Level 1/2/3- must attend 6 summer training sessions

Level  4- must attend 12 summer training sessions

Level 5-must attend 15 summer training sessions

Level 6- must attend 17 *can only take 1 make up private of 1 hour in length

If you can not attend all of your required classes, then privates can be taken.  1 thirty minute private = 2 training sessions, 1 hour private= 4 training sessions

Outside LDD summer intensive count:

4 hours is 1 session at LDD. Anything less than 4 hours will not be counted. Must email us so we can verify the legitimacy of the summer camp you are attending and record your attendance properly.

0-3 hours-0 sessions

4-7 hours-1 session

8-11 hours-2 sessions

12-15 hours-3 sessions

16-19 hours- 4 sessions

20-23 hours-5 sessions

24-27 hours 6 sessions

28-31 hours-7 sessions

32-35 hours-8 sessions

36-39 hours-9 sessions

40-43 hours-10 sessions

0-3 hours-0 sessions

4-7 hours-1 session

8-11 hours-2 sessions

12-15 hours-3 sessions

16-19 hours- 4 sessions

20-23 hours-5 sessions

24-27 hours 6 sessions

28-31 hours-7 sessions

32-35 hours-8 sessions

36-39 hours-9 sessions

40-43 hours-10 sessions


 For those who have competed one year or more, we will select a solo, duet, and/or trio for you.  You will also be assigned a teacher for your weekly private.  You will start your solo, duet and/or trio in August.  Privates can not be taken during one of your  required classes, no exceptions will be made on this.


Qualifications for Company to Perform in Showcase
-Solos/duet/trios must win platinum and top 5 twice at the same competition, in a competition year with LDD
-Groups must win platinum twice a competition year

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