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These sessions are held after your school clinic during tryout week. The student comes to us after their tryout clinic for cleaning of their tryout routine, working technique, facials, and judging tips. This clinic is highly successful.  We have had 99% of the students make their school team!


Register for your school clinic using the links below. The payment is due the week of the clinic.


Due to the high demand of Mrs. Linda she will book up to 3 years out.  To Pre Book your privates clinics for 1-3 years out, there is a non refundable booking fee with Mrs. Linda of $100.00 per year. This will ensure your private time slot.     To pre book your privates with our faculty 1-3 years out, there is a non refundable booking fee of $25.00 per year.   These fees are paid to LDD.  To PRE BOOK  GROUP PRIVATES AND PRIVATE CLINICS – EMAIL US! RULE APPLYS:  ALL PRIVATES AND GROUP PRIVATES GO TO COMPETITIVE COMPANY DANCERS FIRST, THEN OUR REGISTERED CLASS STUDENTS, THEN TO THE PUBLIC. IF you decide not to tryout and have pre booked a private clinic, please email us ASAP, we have a waiting list for all group private clinics and private clinics and we need to give that time slot to others.


Take Your Pick


(ie:  Dorians, Star Spangled Girls, Rockettes, Rebelettes, etc)

Monday – Thursday 

Duration: 1.5 hours


$155.00 for registered dancers (use code Dance2022 at checkout)

            $195.00 for non-registered dancers/cheerleaders


(ie:  Mtn Brook 7th grade dance team, Spartanettes)


Duration: 1.5 hours


$130.00 for registered dancers  (use code Dance2022 at checkout)

 $170.00  for non registered dancers


Most people book private in addition to group clinic

LDD Faculty Group Private Rate: (limited to 3 per group)

30 MIN RATE: $40 per dancer

1 HOUR RATE:   $75.00 per dancer


Linda’s Group Private Rates: (limited to 3 per group)

     30 min: $50 per dancer

     1 hour: $100 per dancer


Single Private Clinics

Rates with LDD Faculty:

$75 for 30 min

$110.00 per hour

Rates for Linda:

$100 for 30 minutes

 $135.00 per hour 






School Dance Team Tryout Stats
The graph above shows results from our studio over the past 26 years.
The results show non dancers vs recreational class students vs competitive company vs competitive company with a solo vs competitive company with a solo and a skills private weekly. 
To make a school dance team, we recommend start training at least 2 years prior to tryout year and follow the following plan of action:
1. Be on our competitive company and take dance team prep class
2. Your second year of company compete a solo plus take dance team prep class
3. Your tryout year: competitive company, solo, and a weekly skills private, plus take dance team prep class
4. Be in our tryout clinic the week of tryouts with nightly privates following. 
Note:  We do not recommend cross training with other studios for dance team prep.  This causes great confusion for the dancer because all teachers teach differently and the dancer will suffer and will not know who to listen to.  The dancers often tell us when they cross train, that “xyz studio”  their teacher says things completely different and not in our style and methods of teaching. Our teachers are all qualified for school dance team tryouts.  They have all been on a school dance team themselves, plus college dance teams, professional experience, choreographed for college dance teams and school dance teams, and their degrees in dance PLUS additional certifications.   Trust your teacher – they want nothing more than to see your child succeed!



The  chart  above reflects our studio percentages over the past 26 years.
You make the team, now how do you keep training?
We recommend to continue competitive company and compete a solo until junior year of high school.  This will keep your improving technique, learning harder turn combinations, learning more advanced combos and how to learn combos quickly, showmanship, and performance.
Year after year we do see the dancer not make their team again because they quit competitive company.  Please do not let this happen to you.   Competitive company and school dance team are easy to combine together.  We never have issues with this.

Ballet Dancers


How to train?

At least 4 years prior to a tryout we recommend:

-Competitive company, solo and dance team prep through senior year

-Your sophomore year – we need to know your colleges of choice

-Attend the college prep clinics at your schools of choice, follow the teams on social media

-Junior year, begin extra skills privates weekly and privates with the college dance team member(we set up for you)

-Senior year – make-over consult with Linda and Anna Marie

Notes:  Do not be the statistic we have seen over the past 26 years.  This again is results from dancers that have been at our studio over the past 26 years.


Dancers who trained for college dance team who are only trained by being on a school team –  We know of zero who have made the college team.

Dancers who trained for college dance team and they did competitive company (and can do school dance team as well) and tried out for a NON competitive college dance team – 100% made the team

Dancers who trained for college dance team and they want to tryout for a COMPETITIVE COLLEGE DANCE TEAM- you must commit 4 years of training in competitive dance only.  No other activities.  We have a very strict plan of action for you to follow.  – 100% made the team with our plan of action. Must be followed strictly per our plan of action!

The above graphs and stats are from studies over the past 26 years of training dancers.  Our tryout program has excellent results IF you follow our guidelines.  We are here to train you to be the best dancer you can be!  Our goal is to get your dance team! We are here for you!

For college dance majors – this is a completely different audition process and training.  If you want to learn more, email  When a dancers gives us their top 5 college choices, we are 100% at getting dancers into at least 4 of the 5 colleges.